Phonics Classes: Why are they so Important for your Child’s Holistic Development?

Do you have a young reader at home? Do you recall how exciting it was when he or she started to learn letters, and how proud your kid felt the first time he or she spoke a word? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Once your kid starts to understand the letters of the alphabet, they will be excited to learn more about it and use it in sentences.

This is why inculcating strong phonic skills using online phonic classes for kids in the young years of school is vital for your kid becoming a strong orator.

Why is Phonics education important?

Phonics is definitely the best way to teach your kids to read. It is backed by research and that is why we know that phonics education is better than any other approach you follow when it comes to making your kids learn.

But why is it so effective?

Online phonic classes for your kids use the best tools to read every word he or she comes across. Trust us, it will be a great pay-off in the long run. The better your kid is with phonics, the more confident he will be about reading. It will work as a great motivation booster as reading gets tougher.

How do you Support your Kid with Phonics?

If you are wondering on how you can support your kid with learning, let’s begin with this. You don’t have to be a teacher to your kid. Your child can learn phonics at school, but there are many ways you can support him at home as well. Here’s what you do.

1.       Look for opportunities to explore letters and sounds – If you are driving, look for signs during the way and spot the letter your kid’s name starts with. Point it out to your kid. They will learn better.

2.       Keep a good collection of books at home – You can find plenty of books at the library or at a book store that can help you child with easy reading.

3.       Support and encourage them through every step – Your child will always look up to you for support and encouragement. Ensure that you read sessions to your child, listen to him reading, motivate him to do better and learn with him.

4.       Keep reading aloud – Reading aloud your kid’s favourite book or chapter will make him feel that you enjoy them too and it will motivate him to learn or read it on his own.

Learning phonics and reading is a huge step as so much learning is added in just few years. But, it is fun. By choosing the best phonics classes for kids your child will have a great start to learning and become an independent reader.

Get in touch with Little Genius and we are sure that with the right instruction and practice, your kid will master the skills. Enroll in the best phonics classes for kids now!


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